Benami and PMLA

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Benami and PMLA

Ragini Singh & Associates has a competent, unrelenting and promising Panel of Experts of Law and Finance to handle litigation under PMLA from the stage of investigation / ECIR, provisional attachment to confirmation of attachment before Adjudicating Authority, PMLA, New Delhi.

Our team effectively handles statutory appeals and remedies under PMLA right from the stage of filing of appeal / representation before Appellate Tribunal, New Delhi, Hight Couts etc., against provisional attachment, seizure of properties / documents etc.

The team also specializes in handling Scheduled Offence Trial before Special Courts as well as Prosecution Complaints Trail before Special Court under provisions of PMLA. The departmental exposure puts Ragini Singh & Associates in an advantageous position in understanding the provisions of law, assessing the genuineness of the client and presenting the case in right perspective in the relevant legal forum.

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